Friday, 17 April 2015

Tessellation: Off the Map

I have been experimenting with Tessellation. Here I have researched many ways of tessellating a surface. I have then created a height map and then tested this on a basic shape.

Tessellating at this basic level is actually quite simple. The Node tree in the image above is all that is necessary. The material also needs to have the tessellation settings moved from “No Tessellation” and changed to “Flat Tessellation” or “PN Triangles”.

Both the above objects have the same Geometry, one of them simply has the above material applied to it. As you can see the tessellation test has been successful. I am worried about whether we will be able to use tessellation in our level, this is due to it being really quite demanding. I think that we should at least try. Judging by the level set by the very best looking games right now tessellation is soon going to become a standard for at least all large surfaces in games, and we need to at least try and reach these standards.

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