Friday, 17 April 2015

Foliage: Off the Map

This is actually after many, many changes with this grass but this is where I am at right now. It’s definitely a lot better.

I have also been working on allot of new plants as well.


A clematis

These will be quite handy as these can grow across the ground, so can be used to add density to the ground and to populate any bare ground area. Also Clematis are climbers, so given the opportunity they will climb up walls and trees. So we can use these to hide seams and also generally add interest and visual complexity where ever we want.

Lillies and Lilly Pods for the canal

I’ve made these extremely high res so that they can be used in the forest level. These could be huge on screen and they will still look good. I have actually textured all my plants on 2048 texture sheets and also then cut them right down to 512s which is the size they will actually be used at. I’ve created the 2048 versions so that all these props can be reused elsewhere in the game. Alice when she is 4 inches tall could be walking in amongst all of these, climbing on them for example and they shouldn’t look out of place. 



Long Reeds 

Short Grass with Daises and Butter cups

I used Slide Normal Thief on every single of these.

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