Friday, 17 April 2015

More Concepts: Off the Map

Falling Photo bash

I found talking about this part of the book interesting. I have concepted what I thought was the excepted environment for this area, an endless black void with floating timely furniture to fall past. Hannah in our group also did a concept for this area which consisted of a long tunnel with the walls packed with book shelves and ornaments.

The above image is what she imagined when she pictured this area. Two people given the same information have imagined to starkly different environments, obviously this is to be expected, but it’s still interesting.

Landing Zone Concept

It was difficult trying to accurately concept a pile of “Sticks and Shavings”, what exactly is this. He doesn’t describe it as a pile of Hay or maybe Leaves or any other known piles of stuff, all we have to work with is “Sticks and “Shavings”.

The colour pallet is dark and moody, but I’ve still kept some good strong exaggerated colours. I’m using these colours to push the fantasy element of the world.

Caves to hall Transition

Here I’ve concepted that as you travel though the caves the environment slowly changed until you’re suddenly in an elegant hallway.

Here I’ve added some 2D foreground planes. This should help to enclose her in real space, not a long hall with the near wall missing. This is something that we are going to have to take into account with all our environments, we might not be able to see what is behind the camera when playing a side scroller but the world needs to believably continue beyond it. As well as when she is enclosed in a space this also must be made clear.

Here I’ve also included some animations and particle affects that could be added to bring the world to life.

With all the elements of these concepts as a group have been careful to try and reference Oxford and Christ Church where we can. This is due to the idea that if this is simply a dream that Alice is having then all the imagery would come from things that she has seen. Alice was the daughter of the Dane of Christ Church and lived within its walls so she would have been familiar with it. She also would have known Oxford well. Alices dreams like our own would have been set in or at least drawn allot of influence from areas that she was most familiar with.

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