Friday, 17 April 2015

Random Caterpillar Mood Board: Off the Map

I decided to make a mood board to help Hannah push the Caterpillar design. Here I have included images of Smaug the Dragon because they have captured so much character in a non human face. Smaug also has a similar perceived personality to the caterpillar, he’s highly intelligent, extremely confrontational and he also appears to talk in riddles. So Smaugs design elements that get across his personality so well even in a still image should be transplanted into out caterpillar where we can.

I’ve also grabbed images of the most drastic and oddly shaped caterpillars I could find. Some of these have many huge and frequent protrusions; some appear to be wearing large hairy coats. I was hoping that these images could help push the silhouette, or simply add further areas of interest, maybe textually or by adding personality.

After creating this mood board I realised that I hadn’t actively tried to only look for British caterpillars. Part of me thought that there was room for him being foreign due to the style of pipe that he is smoking.  I then decided that this could be risky, the British Library once marked a previous team down strongly due to including chocolate fondants in a level that was set in a time before they would have been available. So If were to base the caterpillar on a none native British species and this was found out, the Library could question how the Caterpillar  came to be in an Oxford forest talking to Alice. So can we do a well-travelled caterpillar? I don’t know, also I’m not designing it so it isn’t my decision to make, but I have disgust this with Hannah and the rest of the group. This question did make me research British caterpillars and what was really nice to see was allot of the interesting and tropical looking caterpillars are actually indigenous to Britain. We have a wide and rich collection of caterpillars. Often it’s easy to forget that Britain does have some amazing wildlife.

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