Friday, 17 April 2015

Grass Ground Texture: Off the Map

Here I have been messing around with Macro Variation. This is basically a way of getting more out of your texture. Macro variation will improve the texture up close if you put a higher tile on it than standard maps, and if you put a lower tile then it will reduce the amount that the texture appears to tile as well as adding contrast across the area you texturing.

During this project due to all the engine experimentation I now understand why those who have chosen do to large amounts of engine work often appear to have mental break downs. It’s very easy to spend an entire day just experimenting, to simply tamper with some numbers and nodes, and not actually improve anything.  This can leave you feeling like you’re wasting your time and need to get back to some 3D modelling and or Photoshop texturing. When doing these other tasks your progress and work can be easily seen by your group members and measured. Engine work could consist of several hours of for example deciding that your grass would look better with slightly more vigorous wind, then after fine tuning this new wind, deciding that it was better before.

I allot of my time recently as you have and will see has been spent like this.

Here I have tested how multiplying in several Normals effect the texture.

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