Friday, 24 April 2015

Physical Bricks: Off the Map

I've started experimenting with making and adding physical bricks to the mesh. I’m using this as a replacement for Tessellation. The Tri count was simply far too high to justify. 

First I started adding the bricks in 3DS-Max. And then started using Unreal instead so that I could see the result immediately. 

I really liked the result of this. In allot less tries I’ve managed to give some textual variation to this wall, and more believability. I’m simply trying to hide the fact that this is a flat plane. Tessellation was good but expensive, this is a more efficient alternative.

I’m also going to use these bricks on the Boat Shed. Here I’m going to use them to try and hide the way the tilling runs round a corner. I got this method by looking at Textures in “Blood Born”, all their walls and floors, when they are not tessellated are crammed with geometry.

 I made these bricks using the same methods I have already been using to make all my rock assets.

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