Friday, 17 April 2015

Puzzle Room: Off the Map

Here I have concepted the puzzle room. This one uses imagery from Christ church. I’ve also spent a lot of time trying to come up with ideas for puzzles. Here I have created a timed jumping puzzle. This includes shrinking, climbing up a book shelf, and then using the rising heat from the lights to bounce yourself over the room to the door in time to pass through it.

I’ve decided post this idea that the book gives us enough in the way mechanics to work with, we shouldn’t have to make up anything new for this puzzle. In the Book she is normal sized, she then drinks and shrinks, and eats some cake and then becomes giant, finally she picks up the nose gay and shrinks again and never actually gets through the door this attempt. There are enough different sizes and items in this area to make a good puzzle, we have to just copy the book, or come up with our own less linear puzzle.

This time I went for a nonsensical room. I decided to have an upside down version of the room on the ceiling, but not actually change the gravity. So a clock has fallen from the above fire, as well as the smoke simply flowing up as you would expect.

I preferred the colour pallet and tone of this room, a stark white room could contrast nicely with darkness and crude colours of the concepted caves and halls prior to this area.

The floor design here has the same pattern as the floor in Christ Church Cathedral.

Here I’ve come up with a new way of completing this room. You walk in normal sized and step over a fallen clock, walk to the far wall which is the first impasse you have come up to in the game, so you have nowhere to go but turn around and walk back through the room.  This time you come across the glass table and the door further down the hall, you walk back to the table and this time fined the bottle which shrinks you, you now can’t get to the door because it’s blocked by the fallen clock you stepped over on your way into the room. You now fined some cakes and get giant, so you still can’t get through the door but now you can push the fallen clock out of the way of the door. Then walk back to the table drink the drink and shrink and now you are free to leave through the door.

A concept taking influences from my concepted fall environment.

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