Thursday, 28 January 2016

Week 3: More Modelling

I’m really starting to get the form of the car. I’ve also started using Turbo Smooth in the modifier stack. I’ve realised that I should have been working like this from the start. For the first week of modelling I was trying to get the cars form with the base geometry because of this it ended much to geometry dense. Now when I turbo smooth the mesh which adds a huge amount of additional geometry it’s far too high poly.

Cutting out all the panels, doors, bumpers etc. 

Rear Bumper

Turbo smoothing

Below I’m showing some of the issues with modelling with a turbo smooth in the modifier stack.

In order to get this form at this tri count the base mesh is extremely low poly. Also to force the Turbo smooth to create the forms that you want, you have to add additional supporting geometry along any dramatic changes in surface topology e.g. angles, seams, etc. Once I start collapsing the modifier stacks towards the end of modelling I will have to put work into retopologizing the high polys.

 Turbo smoothed bumper

Base mesh

Allot of the underside of the car is visible, because of this I have started to model an extremely low poly underside. These meshes will not be clearly visible as they will always be in shadow, but their silhouettes may be visible at certain angles when viewing the car.

You can see here the front grill slats as well as the side skirt. If I modelled these features as they are on the real car it may cause issues with anti-aliasing, due to them being comprised of very thin and numerous lines.  For my model I have altered the width and number of lines within these areas, due to this being a game asset.    

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