Thursday, 26 November 2015

Shop Front: Week 2, Wednesday

I modelled the electricity pylon, after talking to some peers I decided that it was unnecessary to make this out of modular pieces. As long as I made it Low poly it should be fine, this is a stylised brief after all.

I modelled a quarter of this mesh and then used symmetry to create the whole complete mesh.

I have already spent almost 7K of this projects budget on one prop, the truck. So I was very wary about creating a second large core asset. This couldn’t also sit at around 7k as that would be my entire budget gone. So I simplified the design of the pylon and also dramatically culled tries past a certain height.

Then by using the bend modifier, noise, melt and generally breaking up the mesh I tried to create dynamic shapes. I also altered the scale of the Pylon, I also altered the thickness of the metal by using the Push modifier

The Mad Max world gives me allot of room to really push forms and make them extremely over the top. 

Creating these pylons was really quite a challenge. The noise modifier in particular is really quite unpredictable, and there’s a fine line between the chaose /tangle of a collapsed pylon and an unreadable mess.

One of the Tangles I created was reminiscent of an insect/scorpion in an attack/defensive stance. I decided to then go into this model and really exaggerate the features that were causing this. I then also added a large tail like spike to the form.

I then began to clad the outside of the Pylon. I did this to really push the insects form. And to make this structure in the wilderness obviously inhabited. Also creating a large monolith like structure implies an early tribal style culture.

I then continued to dress the scene. I’ve pulled apart the truck and create a lived in mechanics garage style scene.

I still need to add some tools, and evidence of this area being a dwelling. Amazingly I am actually considerably under budget. Pulling apart the struck saved allot of tries, also looking at the pylon now it’s actually far to low poly. I’m now trying to hide allot of the pylon with the panels, as it has terrible geometry that was never meant to be within your eye line. I might have to go back into it and remodel large areas of it, this could quickly get costly, in tri budget and time.

These are all my current props. As you can see I still have 5.5k to use, although I think I might already be pushing the texture budget. 

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