Thursday, 29 October 2015

Week 1: Environment Brief

GP_Environment Partially Stylised Brief 02

I have to make the other side of this door. I can design anything, but I must include the over side of the door. The budget is 3 weeks, 80k tries and a rough texture guide of 2x2048. 

Here are my initial Ideas. I wanted to make a space where the focal point was a tree and or an ancient ruin (megalith), and also I wanted some sort of sci-fi vibe.

My initial idea was a small meteor crater, right next to a tree. The tree would have a dynamic shape as it’s been blown back by the blast and sits on the very edge of this crater, with its roots partially exposed. Half the tree could also be drastically burnt, the other half would still be flourishing.
The meteor it’s self would be some kind of Sci-Fi orb that would be spewing out wires that have climbed up the tree in a fashion reminiscent to vines.

I liked this idea but I have just over 2 weeks to do this project, so I decided to concentrate on creating a concealed environment.

I then thought about placing a scene in a cave, but again this would require making the cave itself, this alone could be extremely time consuming. The focal point is the source of power and or interest in the centre of the scene, this is where my time needs to be spent.

I then started placing the scene in a sterile lab. This should create a nice contrast between the sterile mostly white lab conditions and the vivid fantasy tree/megalith in the centre.

 Initial Mood Board

Refined Mood Board

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