Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Finished Roller


The aim of this project was to make a photo realistic model of the following vehicle.

The budget was 30.000 tris and 1x2048 texture sheet. I modelled and unwrapped the mesh in 3DS Max. I used 3DS Max and Z- Brush to create high polys. I then used X-Normal to bake these meshes creating normal maps which were then composited in Photoshop. I also used Photoshop to create tillable textures and Substance Painter to texture the whole cab. I used Unreal to create the finale renders.


Additional Reference






Beauty Shots

Additional Relevant Imagery


During this project I have been constantly altering my priorities. At the start I rushed with the intention of finishing the project on time. This caused bad geometry which then had to be altered, wasting time. I then decided to really over work my unwrap. I used a 2048x2048 texture sheet in 3DS-Max to ensure that all the UV shells were 4 Pixels apart, as this is a predicted margin of error in games engines when they draw textures. Unwrapping like this took far too long, as a result I began to rush toward the end of packing creating an extremely inefficient pack towards the edges.  also I made the initial size of all the shells far to large so when I uniformly scaled them down the 4 Pixel gap shrunk, so half the shells are also to close together. The unwrap was also done with the Substance painter work flow in mind. So I made no attempt throughout the first half of packing to keep seams organised, I was completely focused on creating the most efficient pack possible. As a result the unwrap is completely unusable outside of soft wear where you paint directly onto the mesh. I then changed my priority’s again, this time I chose to simply commit to working at the highest standard and learning as much as I could, I had already made to many mistakes. From this point I spent time improving my baking and baked down many parts of the mesh which I could have easily of missed out. So I was still baking well into the 3rd week. Then Instead of trying to quickly texture the mesh using minimal Substance Painter skill I made shore to follow tutorials and develop my skill. I even spent time researching Substance Designer to sea weather this was a piece of software that could help with this project. This project has taught me to work to the highest standard from the first day especially during this time at uni, there is no point of producing bad work within a deadline, bad work will not develop my skill or my portfolio.  My unwrap will not be making an appearance in my portfolio even when I finish this project. This is a wasted opportunity to show off a good unwrap. The finished textured model due the high quality normal and my texturing is to a good enough standard.  

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