Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Asset Swap

Week 1, Year 2

Right back to work

Introduction to team projects

In a group we had to concept, model, unwrap, texture, give feedback and then do a second texture pass on a series of assets.
In our group we had a problem with people joining and then leaving our group, so the swapping system fell apart, leading too many people doing several steps for the same asset.
I also did some additional work.

Concepting Barrel

Model Table

Unwrap Barrel 

Texturing Table

I used Z-brush here to add wear to the table, also it was necessary for the details on the underside of the table.
I used this high poly, with the low poly(original table) to bake out a normal map from X-Normal.
Here I uncounted a problem. The bake for the underside of the design wasn't working very well.

This was due to both side of this panel occupying the same texture space. One side of the Z-brush sculpt was flat, and the other had this design on it. This meant that the bake was putting flat and detailed information onto the same texture space.
At the time I didn’t know how to solve this problem. Now I know that in order to solve this, I would have to adjust the UV’s and make a separate MAX file just to get the desired bake.
I now know that when exporting object with multiple parts into z-Brush with the intention of then baking, you should export and edit each individual part separately. And any shared texture space must be separated.

I added wear to the surface via the Albedo map. I also tried to create variations in roughness, where varnish would have been worn off. But as this was the first time using PBR I still hasn't gotten used to roughness maps and inevitably made it far to shiny. 

Feed Back

I also gave some brief feedback on the barrel

Texture Second Pass

These are the textures I was handed, as you can see there are many problems here.
Very simple flat textures, little to no detail, not life like, incorrect metalness maps also the object has 2 sub object ID’s. 

These are my maps, again here I used Z brush to get the normal maps. I also used Z-Brush to paint out seams using the poly paint function. This was also handy for painting burn marks and other variances in Albedo.

Final Images

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