Monday, 18 November 2013

Visual Design: Museum


Dinosaurs!!!!!!! I've never seen dinosaur bones like this before, their amazing. Well I thought they were, it's amazing standing in a room full of giant, 200 million year old remnants of real life monsters that roamed our planet, to fined people drawing a turkey.

And then your self after reading further into the Dinosaur Skeletons, they're so incomplete that they feel more like an artist impersonation of dinosaur bones which I guess is actually what they are, really. So you find your self strangely drawn to the anatomy of the "real" skeletons.

Obviously the Dinosaur bones are extremely accurate, probably made from moulds of existing fossil specimens. 

Interesting side note: Fossils like these aren't bone, they're mineralised bone. Basically minerals which have crystallised out in to the hollow left after the bone has decomposed away. Very rarely depending on what minerals are abundant at the time Fossils can be made from more aesthetic mineral types. e.g. this Pyrite Fossil below(Fools Gold).

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