Saturday, 2 November 2013

Visual Design: Fletcher Building and SU

Now this I found Difficult.

The SU: For me this was all about trying to study its form, until I was comfortable doing a longer study without missing out an integral feature to its design. With every study you would find a new edge or that certain points didn't line up as you would think. This was a study of complex architectural geometry under the influence of perspective. And to mix things up the building is situated on an uneven slight hill, just to make most of your perspective reference lines incorrect. 

The Fletcher Building: I found the geometry of these shapes allot easier to place on the page, so I made the finale piece a rendering study. I tried to put in as much detail as I thought was appropriate. Because of this I got the basic shapes in and then just started rendering, it was quite far into the drawing before I actually looked up at the hole thing to compare. The initial lines were wrong, the perspective lines on one side of the image seem completely different to the other, I guess this is what can happen when your vanishing points actually sit off the page, so you can't draw physical lines from them. Yea the pictures a bit drunk.
But the Fletcher tower does have some nice rendering and all the general background buildings do sit back. The lower level highly textured fletcher building is flat, there is no depth to its left side, probably due to very little drop in detail here with depth.

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