Monday, 18 November 2013

Visual Design: Bradgate Park

What a truly beautiful place, shame I couldn't draw it. Thought I would have a crack at it though, even if it looked terrible. Truly truly terrible.

I really don't mined the  finale piece here, I think I really captured the weather at the time, which was miserable. Not that I actually minded the weather at all, it was fresh...proper British country side stroll weather. Also it's nice to get totally soaked though every now and again, it's nostalgic right?

Back to drawing, landscapes are something I really need to work on, especially from a rendering point of view. Above I've barely rendered it's really just a painting with the side of a Pencil. I like the rain, I think that worked really well to add some depth and action to the piece. Also my trees are getting allot better, which is nice. Over all I would like to blame the weather.

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