Saturday, 26 October 2013

Visual Design: Archway

I enjoyed these studies, I liked the scene, thought is was quite cinematic. Interesting  Historic content, moody and with all the worn bricks nicely textured. But these bricks did raise a question, do I draw them all? I could spend hours rendering them all, but this could result in a flat image, with no visible fading of detail with depth. Or do I render the archway to the highest level as it's the focal point of the image, but that would bring it forward confusing the depth. I've gone for somewhere in the middle. Harder deeper marks up close including most of the bricks. I've then used patches of these tiled/brick patters to subconsciously link areas of similar texture without having actual drawn a continues wall of bricks. With depth the strength of mark dissipates.
Looking back at this piece, I think I could have done with more bricks and a greater variance  in tone with depth. Also I could have done with including the top of the near lamp, to further help with depth.

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