Saturday, 26 October 2013

One off Super cars

This is the Mercedes-Benz Lotec C1000, a 1000hp car with an estimated top speed of 268mph, also it's from 1995. To put this into context the Veyron Super Sport managed 267mph on it's record breaking run in 2010.
So how have we never herd of this manic Mercedes, well did you know that if you are rich enough you can walk up to pretty much any car manufacturer and ask for a car that doesn't exist. This is a result of one of those moments. A man from the United Arab Emirates asked Mercedes to build the fastest car in the world. He then handed over an alleged £3.4 million and Mercedes got to work.
The most amazing thing about this car is the idea that a whole work force of engineers and designers slaved for years pushing the boundaries of what was possible, to then only make one car for one person.
Would this not be similar to commissioning your favourite band to write a hole album just for you, and keeping it all to your self.

There are many examples of this, the Queens stretched Bentley, the Popemobile and President Obama's Cadillac (The Beast) to name a few.

Below are two other awesome examples of one off super cars.
 Ferrari P4/5 Pininfarina 2006

Ferrari SP 12 EC 2012, this one is particularly cool as the EP stands for Eric Clapton.

If you had the money what would you commission?

By the way these cars are here to help increase our "visual library", they're simply amazing pieces of design. Subconsciously you could take some of the images you see here and use them to influence a gun design, space ship, character may be even a landscape.  I'm going to be using my blog to post things of this nature If I think they're appropriate, which I hope these cars and the planes were.

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