Wednesday, 25 May 2016

FMP:Substance Crash

My substance painter file got corrupted.

 I only lost about a day’s work but then I spent all of today (Wednesday) trying to get the work back.

The substance painter file as of this morning was completely unusable. I can still rotate the model but that is all. I then tried to export all the textures, at least then I would get the work up to this point. This caused substance painter to crash, but without any visual prompts. Nearly all the crashes that I have experienced today (Which are the first for this project) were impossible to distinguish from an extremely long loading time. Only upon attempting to cancel the previous function would substance freeze and become completely unusable. This means that I had to wait long periods of time between every single input just encase it hadn’t actually crashed, more often than not it had.

At this point I feared that I had lost up to 3 days work as that is when I last backed up. With today and tomorrow being the last full days this would be disastrous.

I have spent the entirety of today trying to export as many textures as possible. After dozens of crashes and exporting some textures individually to reduce the load on substance I have managed to save some textures.

 I managed to export all the textures for Sub Object 1, except the opacity. I have also exported all the Textures for Sub Object 3. I haven’t managed to export any textures for Sub Object 2. I can’t even view any layers related to this ID they have completely Brocken.

This means that I have lost up to 3 days work on the engine parts of the car. This is what I will be doing tomorrow.

 My plan this morning was to do a dust pass on the chassi and tyres, then I was going to erase streaks where fast moving particles have removed dust. Then I would have made slight adjustment to the whole car in substance and photo shop.

I will be doing this tomorrow as well as doing an old oil pass on the engine, new fresh oil pass, then dust and finally then erasing streaks out of this engine dust

This is where the vehicle was at Tuesday Evening.

1 day to go

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