Friday, 20 May 2016

FMP: Replying to mentor feedback and Answering questions

Response to feedback on the rear tyres within which changing to a road tyre influenced design was advised. 

Thanks for the feedback

The tyres are based off a motor sport mud tire, as seen on the Batman Tumbler. I simply thought they looked cool, were a real life reference that proportionately fit and might have fit with the gnarly, beat up home built aesthetic I was going for.

A more road sport orientated tyre may have better described speed, fitted the cars stance and further pushed the future aspect of the vehicle. This is very true.

Currently the finale deadline is Friday the 27th, so I have 

exactly a week including today. For now I am going to carry on texturing in substance. Post deadline I might be able to remodel a high poly rear tyre and re-bake.

Would it be possible to ask what the final poly limit became in the end, did you stick to your budget?

The budgets I set in my brief for this vehicle were simply the highest budgets I could get away with as we were told that we would not be marked down for undercutting our budgets but would for the opposite.

The briefs budget for this vehicle was 100k tries and 2x4k texture sets.

The car is currently at 90k tries, so I am well within the budget. I am using 3 x 2048 texture sets. These are Broken up into the following sub ID’s.

I’m using 3x2048 sets as this a manageable amount of work within the time, it is also a much more realistic Game ready budget, also I’m texturing the vehicle in substance painter. When Exporting from substance I have found that there is a huge loss in texture quality, because of this I always export from substance at least double the finale texture size I intend to use. I will then rescale the textures in Photoshop. 4K is the largest texture size that Substance will export, so 2k is the largest usable texture. 

Would there be any areas you’d like to reduce detail so you can add detail in other areas?

The interior is the main area where allot more geometry could be added. The interior was never going to be a focus. In hindsight I modelled the vehicle as if it was going to have side windows therefore concealing the interior. I then made the cab open, but I never really added much more detail. I may go back in and add detail to at least the top of the head rest as its silhouette is clearly visible.

The mesh that I’m using to join the exhaust manifolds to the engine block needs additional geometry. 
Also the roof line could have done with less geometry cut out when I was retopologizing the initial turbo smoothed high poly mesh. Also when retopologizing this mesh I tried not to create many tries, and general not do any drastic alteration from the turbo smooth. This is in an attempt to keep flowing geometry and not break shading/reflection. As a result there are areas where geometry lines meat creating points of relatively high poly density. I don’t know whether this can be avoided when creating complex curved forms.

Thanks for the feedback 

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