Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Shop Front Polish Week

Here I’m trying to better match the sand colour and tone to that of the promotional imagery from Mad Max Fury Road. I must have gone through 2 dozen variants and eventually settled on only a slight adjustment from where I started, and I am yet to actually come close to matching the image.

Here I’ve tried to add some extra detail to the head of the giant insect/scorpion. I eventually stripped this right back to only a few pipes.  

I removed the slight glittering quality that I had added to the sand, also I tinkered with the texture to try and save it.

Above I’m altering the post processing volume, once again I am referencing promotional imagery from Mad Max.

I decided at this point to quickly make a desert environment. I used the Landscape tools in Unreal to create the Landscape and then adjust its Topology. This was only meant to be a relatively quick period, I only wanted to use this for 1 or 2 screen shots. After baking and realising that the Seem between the meshes was never going to merge nicely I began working towards removing the Floor Mesh. This would require creating a new material that would allow me to paint directly onto the landscape in Unreal a sand material and an oil material. I would then delete the Floor Mesh and sculpt the landscape up to the now floating shop front. Then all the shop front assets would need to be adjusted to sit on the new surface. The Nuts and bolts (Floor_mess) mesh Foliage Actor would also have to be deleted and re distributed. After attempting to make the material and realising that this was going to take far too long I decided that I was going to have to call the scene done.  

This is the new landscape material that I created.

I then began taking screen grabs of the scene. This is probably one of the weakest parts of this project. I have absolutely no knowledge of composition and or general photography.

Here are a bunch of Screen Grabs. I'm going to have to crop these and cut them down to just 5 images. 

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